Afraid of your ex getting Custody of your kid? Free Family Law Advice

Every single mom has been there at one point. Either having their ex threaten to come and take their kid or sue them for custody. Even if your ex hasn’t actually said those words, I’m sure the thoughts have crossed your mind.

This is why we’re offering free family law advice for moms like you and me.

It’s very scary to feel like you could lose your child in an instant because of what some judge who doesn’t really know your situation decides for your family.

What if your ex lies to the judge and makes you look bad?

What if the judge stereotypes you on appearance and just assumes you’re a bad mom?

What if you say or do the wrong thing or forget what to say all together once the pressure of the court room hits.

I know all of these fears from first hand experience because I’ve done it. I spent almost 2 years in court with my ex, fighting over custody, child support and visitation and let me tell you, it sucks!

I used to wonder if the judge would care that I didn’t make a ton of money or that I had to put the kids in daycare while I worked. If the judge would believe the bull shit that came out of my ex’s mouth or not.

I had a few consultations with attorneys but they all wanted several thousands for a retainer and wouldn’t answer any questions for me unless I paid $250 for an hour. I just couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t find any free family law advice to save my life.

So I went to court and acted as my own attorney, in front of the judge, against my ex husband multiple times. Each time I was so nervous, I thought I might pee my pants.

After all was said and done, I ended up getting full custody of my kids. Hooray!

Ironically, shortly after all of my court issues were over, I started dating a lawyer. (Where was he when I really needed him!?)

free family law adviceMy boyfriend, Paul Ryan, is not only the most awesome attorney ever, having over 20 years of law experience, but he’s also my best friend and the person I run all my ideas and plans by. He’s known every detail about Young Moms Club since it was just a sliver of an idea. So when the idea came up to merge both of our services and bring Free Family Law Advice to moms, it was an easy decision for both of us.

If you’re like I was and desperately need some free family law advice, Click here to register for the FREE phone calls.


I know I would’ve felt a million times more confident going to court against my ex who was trying to take my kids, if I had the peace of mind of getting some free family law advice before.

I’d love to hear your story! Have you “done time” at the mercy of the family law courts? Did you have an attorney? Go at it alone? Leave a comment or share with someone else you know who could benefit from some free family law advice!

Afraid of your ex getting Custody of your kid? Free Family Law Advice