Why you shouldn’t listen to Advice from others

My boyfriend is 20 years older than me. He also lives 1000 miles away.

He looks and feels younger than he is and I’m more mature than most girls my age. We travel a lot and spend about 2 weekends a month together.

Our relationship is unconventional but it’s worked for us for a long time. We’re best friends.advice for young moms

However, that doesn’t stop people from giving both of us their opinions and unwanted advice about our relationship.

It used to be annoying and I’d try to explain and defend myself against comments like “Long distance never works out.” “That’s too big of an age difference.” Blah blah blah blah.

That was until I noticed a common trait among the commenters.. They were all either single or in unhappy marriages.

What the hell could make them think that I’d want their crappy advice, anyway?

Now, most of the time, when people say things to me about our relationship -or I hear about things people say to him- I just roll my eyes or laugh.

There is an exception though. If someone who I respect and who’s in a healthy, happy relationship offers me advice, I listen up.

This goes for all the different types of advice people give me, too.

There are 3 words that I use to decide which advice I should take and what I choose to ignore.

In the video below, I explain in more detail how to apply this to your life.

So now I want to know.. What do you do when people offer you their advice? Has someone else’s advice ever blown up in your face?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!!

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