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How to Fish for your Dream Guy

Single ladies: How many times have you said any of these phrases after going out and meeting a bunch of guys who weren’t exactly your dream guy?

“All guys are assholes.”

“The good guys are all taken or gay.”

“Why can’t I just find a decent guy?”

The list can go on for forever. I used to say them myself and I continually hear them from my friends.dream guy dating danielle ford

When you’re on the search for your dream guy, it’s hard to see the forest from the trees, meaning that it’s hard to see the big picture.

The problem with being the person who’s “in the dating forest” say-to-speak, is that you’re guided by your emotions and not being super logical about where and how to meet guys.

Here’s the thing: Guys are dumb. Even the Prince Charmings out there. They’re all dumb. And they’re really simple. And they’re a piece of cake to figure out.

Once you have your dream guy figured out, meeting him and landing him will be almost too easy.

There is a system to it, a 3-step protocol, and it’s actually a lot like fishing..

Seriously, if you can fish, you can score your dream guy. Watch in the video below to see how..


Ok so now you tell me in the comments below if you’ve ever “fished” for your dream guy or if you know any “fishing tips” that I’m leaving out.

Happy fishing!!

<3 Danielle

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