Happiness: Do you have a case of the “Whens”?

Do you have true happiness? Or are you suffering from this common (but curable) disease?happiness video blog

You might be part of the 84% of the population who are currently suffering with a case of the “Whens” if…

  • You’ll finally be happy when you meet the right man.
  • When you get a better job, then you’ll be happy.
  • When your kids get older and aren’t so hard to handle.
  • If you won the lottery, that’s when you’d certainly be happy.

I used to suffer from the “Whens”.

I’m the kind of person who always wants to do more, have more, go more places.. I live in the future and I’m always planning 10 miles ahead.

While planning and preparation are necessary- to an extent- I’ve noticed that too much thinking, wanting, dreaming, and hoping can cause the “Whens” to flare up.

The “Whens’ are Happiness’s arch enemy.

I explain more in this video..


Now you tell me.. Do you have a case of the “Whens” right now? Did you have them in the past? How did you defeat them?

Leave a comment letting me know!!

<3 Danielle

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