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Can you be a Good Mom and Drink Alcohol?

I grew up in 2 different homes.

In one home, drinking alcohol was the norm. All the adults did it. All of the time.

In the other home, Alcohol was the DEVIL. Like seriously, don’t drink or you’ll go straight to Hell.

As you can imagine, I grew up pretty confused about this topic.

Nowadays I fall somewhere in the middle between both beliefs. I don’t think alcohol is bad and I also don’t think you should drink all the time.

Is your Ex Threatening to take the Kids?

Let me guess.. you split with your baby daddy and now he’s threatening to take the kids.. Sound familiar?

Big shocker there! Never heard that one before! ..oh wait.. yes, I have. A million times.

My ex threatened to take my kids. Then I got full custody. My friends ex’s threatened to take their kids. They got full custody.

It’s always the same story. The mom is struggling, the dad makes more money and is more stable and now he’s threatening with attorneys and judges and says he’s going to take the kids away.

My #1 Beauty Secret (That costs around $12!)

Normally my Figure It Out Friday videos are a little bit more umm… important than this one is.

I usually cover topics like self care, and going after your goals and getting confidence, but I’m always getting asked what I use on my skin and hair.

So today I’m letting you in on my #1 beauty secret and believe it or not, it costs me around $12 a month.

How to turn down a Date

I have a long distance boyfriend, so a lot of times when I go to events or out with friends, it appears that I’m single and guys will ask me out and I’ll be in that awkward situation where I have to say “No”. It also doesn’t help that I don’t wear a ring. (Hint: Boyfriend, if you’re reading this!)
::crickets:: ::awkward silence::
Actually though, when I was married and I wore a ring, I still sometimes got hit on!

How to get Confidence & go after your Dreams

In today’s FIOF, a member wrote in to me asking how it’s possible to go after big dreams while taking care of a baby.
She was also upset that her friends don’t understand what she’s going through and don’t want to hang out with her.

All of this is giving her low self esteem and lack of confidence.

I did my best to answer all her questions in today’s video.

10 Tips for Dating Young Moms

We’re gonna shake things up a bit. Up until now 99.99999% of our posts have been directed to young moms. But I started thinking, “What’s the point of giving dating and relationship advice to young moms, if the guys she’s heading out to date don’t know how to handle her?” So girls, send this to […]

Why Independence is OverRated

Independence- It’s what we all strive for, right?

One of the common things that women say they want is to be independent. Because that’s when they’ll know they “made it”.

I’m gonna say something kinda crazy now, please bear with me, but independence isn’t what everyone should be striving for.

It’s actually pretty overrated.

I’ll explain more in the video..

Keeping it Classy

To be honest, there are a lot of times I see other moms at school who look like they have it all together.
Or I see girls out on the street, sportin’ their Prada sunglasses and driving BMWs and I have an instant thought that they are just classier than I am.
But then I check myself- before I wreck my self- and remember what being classy actually consists of.