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worlds toughest job people picture

World's Toughest Job- Been there, Done that!

If you saw the ad below, would you apply? Do you think you have what it takes? 2.7 million people saw the ad for "Director of Operations", yet only 24 applied. Watch and let me know if you think you'd be the right fit for this job.

Hiring: Social Media Director

Are you a mom who loves social media and could also use some extra money? Do you have an extra 10 hours a week to learn the ins and outs of social media marketing? If so, this might be a great opportunity for you!
weight loss resolutions

10 ways to make Weight Loss Resolutions Stick

Let me guess.. You made a New Years resolution to lose 10 lbs, tighten your thighs, get rid of post baby weight.. Ammiright? Take it from a girl who's made tons of weight loss resolutions, some which were successful and some not so much.. Just making the resolution is nothing, there are 10 things you need to remember throughout the year if you want to make your weight loss resolution stick...
make reindeer candy canes

How to Make Reindeer Candy Canes

In this video, Angelina walks you through the step by step process of what you will need to make reindeer candy canes and exactly how to put them together. PS. Watch the last 20 seconds.. these kids are so hilarious...